2018 Goals

It’s been forever since I posted a blog! To be honest, 2017 was crazy busy and I kinda slacked in the blogging department. I want to continue to blog about our infertility and loss in order to reach out and raise awareness. I hope to be more disciplined and organized in regards to this in 2018. So, I thought it was fitting for my first blog of the year to be about goals!

In January 2017, I copied my friend Jennie from The Canadian Housewife and decided to set myself 17 goals for 2017 along with her. So, here we are! It’s the beginning a new year…and I’m copying Jennie again! 18 goals, for 2018.

But first, let’s review my goals from 2017 and see how I did!

2017 Goals (In no particular order)

  1. Learn to knit I totally did this and I’m so pumped about it! Bought my first set of knitting needles and completed a cowl and a hat for Rick. I’m also working on a shawl!


2. Spend more time outsideYup! I feel like you can always spend more time outside, but I do think I spent more time outside than I normally would. I did a bunch of biking, running, hiking and went snowshoeing too! 

3.  Learn to play piano – Sadly, I did not accomplish this. 

4. Take better care of my health (Nutrition, taking my medication + iron, exercise etc) –  I am SO happy to report that I ended the year with 13 consecutive weeks of exercise and good nutrition. I am off track now because of the holidays but I’m so ready to get back into it. I shed some pounds, but more importantly, felt so good physically and mentally. My big change was not following a diet…..maybe I’ll write a post that and what worked for me!


5. Spend more time doing creative things like scrapbooking, colouring, lettering etc. – I did not spend a ton of time doing this. Not as much as I would have liked anyways. It’s so hard to find the time. 

6. Read 3 books. (I know this seems like nothing, but I am not a reader, so this would be a big deal haha) – Nope. haha I read like….half a book lol.

7. Run a 5k Not only did I run 1 5k, I ran THREE! The first one I ran was the Dandelion Dash for Cancer. I ran in memory of my Auntie Heather and for my dad. My friends Emily & Jonny ran with me and even though I was going so slow, stayed with me and crossed the finish line with me! Rick was going to run as well, but had dental surgery a few days before and couldn’t. I ran 2 other 5k’s at a local Saturday morning park run with some friends! 


8. Spend more time playing music – Negative. 

9. Do 25 push-ups. (Currently I can successfully do 4…so 25 seems like a good goal haha)  OK – So I didn’t really specify if they were modified push ups or not…I’m just going to say that I met this goal because I can totally tell that even though I still do modified push ups, my arms have gotten a lot stronger! No photo to prove this one, so you’ll just have to believe me…or feel my biceps next time  you see me! 😛 

10. Try yoga (Never tried it) Tried it 3 times…not my thing. I did however, enjoy goat yoga…because…goats! 


11. Try 5 new fruits – I did not try any new fruits…any suggestions? 

12. Focus on healthier ways to cope that do not involve FOOD. Such as walks, or colouring etc. The 13 weeks of exercise was super awesome for my mental health and I was really beginning to notice my moods and anxiety change when I’d miss a few days. Exercising is SO important. On days where I didn’t feel able to do an intense work out…I did my best and tried to get moving even if it was just a walk. Fresh air can do wonders!


13. Do some home improvements. (Paint touch ups, new bedding etc.)We ended up moving, but we did get some new furniture and bedding! We also did a lot of purging. So I think this goal was met. 😀

14. Drink more water I for sure struggle with drinking more water…I just don’t think about it. I think I did better this year though. I enjoy drinking carbonated water that has no sodium or sweetener.  Dasani has some good flavours but also, La Croix…Oh man, so good!! I also just got a super pretty Swell water bottle and It keeps your water nice and cold and it’s totally helping me drink more! Yay for cute water bottles!

15. Go on more dates with Rick – LIFE! Life just gets in the way. This is something I want to work on in 2018. We did experience some cool things together though! Like snowshoeing, and a trip to Nakusp with friends, a trip to Harrison Hot Springs…but, these were all with other people and not really dates. I’m glad we experienced new things though! 

16. Learn how to use our Camera (a dslr) and experiment with photography a bit more Rick did! He took 2 courses this year, so now I need him to teach me! Here’s a cool photo Rick took using some new techniques! Isn’t it beautiful?!

DSC_0389 (1)

17. Add to my pretty small board game collection, and actually play more games. Maybe puzzles too! Rick got me Ticket to Ride for my birthday and Skip-Bo for Christmas…and then with some Christmas money, I got Dixit! No puzzles, though. 



2018 Goals:

  1. Finish my knit shawl and learn to knit socks.
  2. Take a pottery class.
  3. Go on monthly dates with Rick.
  4. Get to know the introvert in me and learn to know when I need alone & downtime.
  5. Continue a healthy lifestyle with food and exercise.
  6. Crochet another blanket.
  7. Spend more time playing music.
  8. Successfully grow veggies in my new garden box from my father in law.
  9. Go on a trip somewhere new with Rick. Even if it’s just a weekend getaway.
  10. Get the tattoo I want.
  11. Learn to speak up more and stand up for myself.
  12. Add 1 more board game to our collection.
  13. Learn to water colour.
  14. Learn how to make homemade pickles.
  15. Keep in better contact with my nieces and nephews back home.
  16. Crochet more Amigurumi.
  17. Reach out to a local infertility support group.
  18. Blog once a month, including my posts for Fertility Matters Canada.

So, there we go! Wishing you all the best in 2018! ❤










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