These are my shoes part 2?

Hello again. That was fast, wasn’t it? 2 blogs – 2 days. whoa! I just have something else to say – I won’t be as lengthy. Promise.

Someone dear to me pointed something out to me today so I thought I’d write about it. I guess I realize that while I am being sensitive to what people say to me, I am being INsensitive to the people who are responding to what I am going through. It’s all such a huge learning experience and a process. A one day at a time type process. When I said stuff in my post last night, just to clarify it wasn’t in a “this is how I am feeling right in this moment” feeling, but a ” this is how it has felt along the way. ” Make sense? I know it’s a lot to ask for the entire world to be understanding, when most won’t unless they’ve been in your exact shoes. Anyways, I am sorry if I offended anyone. I guess I was just expressing the emotions and feelings I have felt  over the last months. I know that people say things because they are just trying to comfort and it truly means the world to me that anyone would even want to comfort me in the first place. *big big sigh* This is tough. Life is tough. THANK you to my wonderful, supportive, funny, caring friends and family who listen to me talk…A LOT. I know it probably gets annoying. but I’m just glad to have people in my life who care – even if they have at times said things that just “cut like a knife” (Insert Bryan Adams song here) Sorry, it doesn’t actually cut like a knife. I just had to use those words in a phrase. Bryan Adams. What a hunk. Just kidding Rick. You’re my one and only hunk. I’ve never even had a thing for Bryan…I have no idea where this all came from. Anyways, I guess this is all I wanted to say. Peace and love y’all. I’m actually going to insert Cut like a knife riiiiiiight….here:


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