10 Things Not to Say To Someone With Infertility

This week is Canadian Infertility Awareness Week. The purpose of this week is to start a conversation, to break taboos and to raise awareness. Infertility affects 1 in 6 couples. That’s a lot of people! That means that someone in your family, or circle of friends, or one of your colleagues is affected by infertility. … More 10 Things Not to Say To Someone With Infertility

2018 Goals

It’s been forever since I posted a blog! To be honest, 2017 was crazy busy and I kinda slacked in the blogging department. I want to continue to blog about our infertility and loss in order to reach out and raise awareness. I hope to be more disciplined and organized in regards to this in … More 2018 Goals

Fallen Leaves

****Originally posted on Fertility Matters Canada***   October has always been my favourite month. I grew up in the Eastern Townships in Quebec and Autumn was always my favourite. The crisp cool air was a sweet relief from a hot and humid summer. Hearing and feeling the leaves crunch under my feet and the warmth … More Fallen Leaves


***Originally posted on Fertility Matters Canada*** mile·stone ˈmīlˌstōn/ noun An action or event marking a significant change or stage in development. I can say with certainty that throughout the last 4.5 years of struggling with infertility & loss, there have been several events that have marked a significant change in our lives. The month we … More Milestones